BG Daily News Article_Feb 13, 2020 by Don Sergent

Stay tuned:

On Wednesday, February 12, 2020, our Building Committee will meet with Scott, Murphy, Daniel Contractors. Updates to come!

Here is a brief list of the facility improvements:

• Brick Restoration

• Miscellaneous Repairs (repairing/replacing concrete steps in front of the church, bell tower, sidewalks, downspouts, exterior doors refurbished, etc.)

• Window Repairs (replace damaged wood trim, replace protective plex-a- glass with Lexan, and prep/caulk/paint the exterior wood areas)

• Roof/Gutter Repair (remove existing roof and install new gutter and downspouts)

• Repair damaged plaster inside the Church

• Sanctuary Main Floor and Crawl Space (remove/replace sub-flooring, remove/replace carpet with wood and porcelain or marble tile)

• Interior Restrooms (demolish, replace existing walls, doors, plumbing)

• Interior Design (rental for scaffolding, mural in sanctuary, plaster work, artistic painting)

• Parish Hall Renovation (remove/replace flooring, new paint, doors, hard- ware, refurbish kitchen, replace appliances, update bathrooms)

Rendering of the interior of St. Joseph Catholic Church upon Completion of the RENEW Restoration