Future Side Entrance Construction Update

Stage 1 Brick Restoration

Stage 2 Brick Restoration

Stage 3 Brick Restoration

BG Daily News Article_Feb 13, 2020 by Don Sergent

Renew Prayer to St. Joseph

O St. Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church, we place in you all our interests and desires. Assist us by your powerful intercession and obtain for us from your Divine Son all the blessings necessary to successfully complete the restoration of this church. St. Joseph, our patron, obtain for us the same wisdom, faith and love of God by which you overcame the obstacles that beset your path. Help us to live lives which glorify God so that when our pilgrimage is over, we may share with you and all the saints in the joy of our heavenly home. Amen.


On Wednesday, February 12, 2020, our Building Committee met with Scott, Murphy, Daniel Contractors.

Here is a brief list of the facility improvements:

• Brick Restoration

• Miscellaneous Repairs (repairing/replacing concrete steps in front of the church, bell tower, sidewalks, downspouts, exterior doors refurbished, etc.)

• Window Repairs (replace damaged wood trim, replace protective plex-a- glass with Lexan, and prep/caulk/paint the exterior wood areas)

• Roof/Gutter Repair (remove existing roof and install new gutter and downspouts)

• Repair damaged plaster inside the Church

• Sanctuary Main Floor and Crawl Space (remove/replace sub-flooring, remove/replace carpet with wood and porcelain or marble tile)

• Interior Restrooms (demolish, replace existing walls, doors, plumbing)

• Interior Design (rental for scaffolding, mural in sanctuary, plaster work, artistic painting)

• Parish Hall Renovation (remove/replace flooring, new paint, doors, hard- ware, refurbish kitchen, replace appliances, update bathrooms)

Rendering of the interior of St. Joseph Catholic Church upon Completion of the RENEW Restoration